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Sanne Kabalt: Wolf hunt haunted / documentation

January 6, 2014 posted in documentation, exhibitions, premiere

Dissimilitude. Slideshow containing 3 slide projectors, 67 black and white slides mounted between glass, 85 cm x 105 cm each. Duration approximately 4 minutes. (Loop.). 2011.

Loom. Video projection with sound. Music composed by Frank Wol & Jannick Oeben. Duration approximately 2 minutes. (Loop.) Dimensions variable. 2012.

Loom. Detail.

Wolf hunt haunted. Video installation including two beamers, two screens, sound and electronics. Sound composed by Frank Wol & Jannick Oeben. Video duration 8 minutes. (Loop.) Sound continuous. 2013.


Sanne’s contribiution can be found in the Gift Shop



KWARTET II by Marijke Appelman & Koen Taselaar: Release party and Rotterdam championships

November 19, 2013 posted in events, premiere, projects

Saturday 30th November at 16.00h

After the success of KWARTET (2010), Koen Taselaar & Marijke Appelman joined their forces again and made a complete new version of the game: KWARTET II (2013). Saturday November 30 at 16.00h KWARTET II will be released and the brand new version of the game will be played at Upominki a.k.a. the New Rotterdam Championships – are then and there!

This will be also the first chance for you to collect a copy of KWARTET II!

KWARTET is a Dutch card game using the simple premise of collecting a complete family of four cards (a so-called KWARTET) per given category. In this version of the game the fourteen families are formed by artworks grouped by their underlying subject matter or the formal principles used. KWARTET II contains families of artworks in the categories: ASHTRAY, BEER PYRAMID, DOORS IN DOORS, DOUBLE SCREEN, DRAWING MACHINE, GRADIENT, OVER THE EDGE, PLANTS, SLEEPING, THE ARTISTS SHOES, TRIANGLE IN CORNER, USED TO SKATE, WATERMELON and WORD VITRINE. The works KWARTET and KWARTET II rejoice the recirculation of images as a gesture towards the appreciation of contemporary art in varying contexts – thanks to the internet for making art accessible.

KWARTET II is designed by Team Thursday’s Loes van Esch and Simone Trum and printed in The Netherlands by Drukkerij de Maasstad.

After the release of KWARTET II, the artists donated five editions of KWARTET II and ten KWARTET II badges. Both items can be now purchased via Upominki gift shop.

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Sanne Kabalt: Wolf hunt haunted

November 13, 2013 posted in exhibitions, premiere
Still from Wolf hunt haunted, 2013

22 November – 20 December 2013

OPENING: Thursday 21st of Nowember 2013 at 19.00h

Wolf hunt haunted is a solo presentation of young Dutch photographer and video maker Sanne Kabalt. The exhibition borrows its title from the new video installation that will have its premiere in Upominki’s basement space. Created during a residency period in Transylvania, Romania earlier this year, Wolf hunt haunted reflects on the human approach towards wild nature.

In an inscrutable forest feelings of fear and longing for an encounter with a wild animal are equally present. Through Wolf hunt haunted Kabalt transports the viewer to the Transylvanian forest and asks him to remember the words of her guide: ‘If you don’t see them, it does not mean they are not there. The wolves always sense you before you see them.’

Next to the new work presented at Upominki, the exhibition consists of pieces made by the artist in the last two years. Through photography and moving image in her practice Kabalt researches the invisible aspects of human psychology and the idea of psychological projections. When giving the invisible a visual form, Kabalt also explores her position of a maker-photographer. Therefore she is constantly playing, or even manipulating, with that what is shown, and that what is felt.

Sanne Kabalt (NL) graduated from the Utrecht School of the Arts (2011). During her studies, in 2009 she has won ‘de Fotoprijs’, a prize for photography students. In 2010 she did an internship with Anouk Kruithof in Berlin. Since her graduation she has exhibited a.o. in the Netherlands: at the Nederlands Fotomuseum, Rotterdam, and Gemeentemuseum Den Haag. And abroad, in Raum für Kunst, Paderborn (DE), Copenhagen Photowalk, Copenhagen (DN).