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Upominki at Galería Metropolitana

May 5, 2019 posted in collaboration, events, projects, research, residency, subsidy

GALERÍA METROPOLITANA, within the framework of its curatorial program 
2018-2020, Strategies to divert Neoliberalism, presents:
Upominki (residency and research)

Friday 3 May 2019 at 19h

Weronika Zielinska (Upominki, Rotterdam) finishes off her residency in Galería Metropolitana, as part of an intercontinental exchange, which includes two self-guided residency programs between Santiago and Rotterdam. This exchange results from the same interests that both projects share with respect to: autonomy and self-initiative, economy and relationships; reciprocity and care. And, given that the two projects operate from the domestic space, we wish to frame this exchange as an extension of our work’ politics that crosses art and life.

From April 19 to May 2, Weronika conducted a research-based project in collaboration with Bruno, Lilly and Marc Klein, the artist’s closest family. In this period they have been developing meetings and conversations with the local communities of artists, academics, students, neighbours, activists and Mapuche creators in order to learn about the different feminist and other practices.

“Galería Metropolitana is spacious and children friendly with easy access for wheelchairs and strollers. By taking my family on a residency I meant to productively deal with the struggle of balance –between my work and life– without undermining one from another. By making the existing precarious conditions explicit, I used them as opportunities for creating new meanings. Shaped by trust and generosity not by distant prejudices, this project’s main objective was spontaneity and no high expectations. The given conditions weren’t obstacles, hence neither they were counterfeit nor new, for any one. As work is part of life, life becomes part of the work. Finally this project carries the approach through which I claim and make visible the artist-mother’ way, amidst the two modes of her being and operating in the world. (WZK)

This project is kindly supported by CBK Rotterdam.

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Seed to seed 🍀Gill Baldwin with Upominki and others

March 28, 2019 posted in collaboration, projects, research, residency, subsidy

Seed to seed 🍀 Gill Baldwin with Upominki and others
6 April – 30 June 2019

Opening: 5 April 2019 at 19h

Looking at collaborative action as a means to create space, Upominki asks what happens if the creation of a garden is public? Can a collective experience form a spatial quality?

Over the next few months Upominki will host artist and curator Gill Baldwin, embarking on a series of research around the act of gardening, community and collective action. On Friday April 5th the project kicks off with an exhibition of the artists Minji Choi and Seokyung Kim’s work titled Manifesto for Living Beings, a typographic poster series depicting recommendations by the Ethics Committee on Non Human Biotechnology (ENCH).

Taking a closer look at the urban green spaces in the neighbourhood, we have created a reading bench, displaying a series of DIY local publications made by the creators of the spaces within Oude Westen. This includes a DIY publication made by artist Marie-Sarah Simon. Klimaten, a story of five different gardens and vogels zingen midden in de stad, telling the history of the Wijkpark and the Wijktuin. Both generously provided by Wilma Kruger from Werkgroep Wijktuin and Aktiegroep Het Oude Westen. Special thanks to volunteers for Amelie Unger, Magdalena Wierzbicka and Salvador Miranda, for maintenance and care of the garden. Our participant group is always expanding, including ongoing collaborations with performance artist Sophie Schmidt and many more to come.

Admission to the space is requested in the donation of a package of seeds, a plant, soil or even a deceased plant. We don’t mind! Together using the gardening tools provided we invite you to collectively plant your donation, contributing to Upominki first ever indoor window garden.

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Taking Care ~ Rachel Epp Buller

November 10, 2018 posted in collaboration, events, research, residency, subsidy

Taking Care, by Rachel Epp Buller
19 – 23 November 2018
12:00 – 17:00

/Exhibition running until the 31st of December/

Dear friend, by Rachel Epp Buller
Friday 23 November 2018
19:00 – 20:00

From the 19th of November to the 23rd of November, between the hours of 12:00-17:00 the artist, scholar, printmaker and mother Rachel Epp Buller can be visited at Upominki, Rotterdam, where as the artist in residence she will embroider words on in a durational performance devoted to care and listening. The artist welcomes community members to join her in embroidering, crocheting, knitting, or just in conversation.

Epp Buller’s latest work Taking Care explores letter-writing as an act of care and a bond of human connection that is directly connected to slowing down, taking time to take care, with our words and for each other. In Taking Care, the artist invites participants to write her a letter that recounts an act of care, large or small; she offers to receive these words, to intimately listen, and to embroider the words to make publicly visible these often unseen labors.

The residency period will end in the performance of ‘Dear friend’, a performative reading of letters across time, written by Rachel Epp Buller and performed together with the artists Deirdre M. Donoghue, Barbara Phillip, and Weronika Zielinska-Klein. This performative reading of letters and epistolary texts considers how feminist maternal relations of care and attunement in the present, and a willingness to listen to voices from the past, might help us to radically reorient our ways of relational being for the future. Doors will open at 18:00, the performance commences at 19:00 and lasts for 1 hour. Before the performance there will be soup served and afterwards the bar will be open.

Please reserve in advance via:

Additionally, in the framework of the ongoing Field Trip programme by the m/other voices, on Wednesday, November 21, 2018, Upominki will be hosting the artist and her guests for Field Trip #17. Please reserve via as places are limited. For more information go to m/

Dr. Rachel Epp Buller is a feminist art historian, printmaker, book artist, professor and mother of three, whose art and scholarship often speak to these intersections. Her writings on art and the maternal include Reconciling Art and Mothering (Ashgate/Routledge) and the forthcoming Inappropriate Bodies: Art, Design, and Maternity (Demeter). Her current creative work explores letter-writing as a radical act of care and listening across time. Her curatorial projects often involve collaboration, across disciplines and across countries. She is a Fulbright Scholar, a board member of the National Women’s Caucus for Art (US), a regional coordinator of the international Feminist Art Project, and current Associate Professor of Visual Arts and Design at Bethel College (US).



Design for Education

August 30, 2014 posted in projects, residency

Open Set – Graphic Design Autumn School

Design for Education
01 – 19.09.2014

Open Set Autumn School under the theme “Design for education” is a research project by Vlad Butucariu and Irina Shapiro kindly hosted by Upominki.

This year Open Set has been invited by the Examinations Council of Zambia to organise a series of workshops and presentations to zoom on the role of design into the examination procedure by addressing to the readability of the examination forms, improvement of the security of materials, advantages and disadvantages between digital and printed medium.

Open Set is a Dutch graphic design summer school that Vlad Butucariu and Irina Shapiro have been organising since 2012 in different cities in The Netherlands. It derived from thier shared practice at Studio Squash, an information and graphic design studio based in Rotterdam.

Open Set “Design for Education” is made possible also due to the contribution of guest lecturers from Cito International.




Małgosia Goliszewska: I’ll call you when I get there / documentation

September 18, 2013 posted in documentation, exhibitions, functional objects and materials, projects, residency

3 chanel video installation: Grandma 00:02:06, Mom 00:13:07, Policeman 00:08:28

2 passport scans. Copy of the original police note, written in Polish. Travel ticket.

Video Curator 00:03:21

Video Landlord 00:07:16

I’ll call you when I get there is a joint project of two artists Weronika Zielinska, a Polish artist based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, and Małgosia Goliszewska, based in Szczecin, Poland. Through a close collaboration between them, the project takes a form of looking at the other, research that deals with clichés and problematics of the complex relationships between two women-artists that work together within cultural field, while being observed from the perspective of an external viewer.

I’ll call you when I get there plays with an idea of a narrative, that in bits and pieces tells a story about two artistic practices each struggling with different, yet similar, obstacles. Whether it is an overprotective mother, or a wordy businessman, a decent curator or an accidental passer-by, the puzzles start to fit together once the viewer is left free to wonder around in a space. In between moving images that may seem fictitious, he/she finally also discovers some artifacts like scans of two women passports, a train ticket, and a police note with an original stamp.


For this exhibition Małgosia purchased different video and audio cables, as well as three sets of headphones, which then she donated to Upominki as a thank you gift.




Małgosia Goliszewska: I’ll call you when I get there

August 19, 2013 posted in collaboration, events, projects, residency

23 August – 15 September 2013

Opening: 23rd August from 19.00h

The main thread for both residencies happening at Upominki was to create new inquiries for the relations between emerging Eastern European artists and the Rotterdam public. Therefore, we had no specific expectations for Goliszewska’s contribution in this project. Yet when travelling by train to Rotterdam, the artist encountered a number of events, which irreversibly influenced her approach. Being desperate and tired of not being able to run away from that situation, Goliszewska decided to give up fighting it, and let it be. Now after some time spend on working in Rotterdam, she became to realise that such gift of unforeseen events each time brings new subjects into her work.

While focusing on the ideas of control and identity, I’ll call you when I get there illustrates how the stories that we create in our minds, often intervene with our consciousness so that we start to believe in them actually being true. We try to protect the ones that we love the most, but how do we know when caring and protecting turns into invigilation or even an obsession?

The impossibility to predict what can happen next is the main reason to be afraid and worry about one’s future. However the artist wonders would there be any joy in life without the idea of unpredictability?

I’ll call you when I get there – a first international solo exhibition of Małgorzata Goliszewska, is a project conceived in a close collaboration with Weronika Zielinska–Upominki, which they are planning to expand back in Szczecin (Poland), city they both come from.

Małgorzata Goliszewska born in 1985, is a Multimedia Art student at the Art Academy in Szczecin. In 2012 she completed the documentary course in Wajda School in Warsaw. From February to July 2013 she studied and worked in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Since 2011 she directed five short documentaries. She works in media such as film, video, installation, performance, text, sound and drawing. The direct contact with other people becomes an important aspect in her work through which she also tries to explore and broaden the possibilities of documentary.



Vova Vorotniov: Watching in my schoes / documentation

July 29, 2013 posted in documentation, exhibitions, functional objects and materials, residency


As a thank you gift for Upominki Vova donated self designed t-shirts which can be now purchased through our gift shop



Vova Vorotniov: Watching in my schoes

July 10, 2013 posted in events, projects, residency

image courtesy of the artist

13 July – 30 August 2013

Opening: 13th July at 16.00h

Residing in July Vova Vorotniov, will examine the spontaneous (an)architectural interventions into the public space of Rotterdam and juxtapose them with the situation in his home city (Kiev, Ukraine). Therefore to reveal, apparently, different ways of organizing the public space, the impact of the state control and its violations by the particular communities and people.

Taking as a starting point his recent project ‘Hood Guide’; a series of documentation of ‘anarchitectural’ objects found in the area of Kiev, which shows how the gaps and the lack of urban organization are facing low initiatives from the city dwellers in order to adopt the space to their own needs. Vorotniov plans to focus on the errors that are happening in the fully controlled urban city planning of Rotterdam.

Vova Vorotniov is a Ukrainian born artist with a so-called graffiti background and has recently been shortlisted for the PinchukArtCentre Prize 2013. He studied philosophy and the humanities towards the end of the 90’s but then had decided to take a downshift from the scholar world to street activities as an alternative playground for creativity, which he found more fitting. Currently Vorotniov is working on different topics ranging from local problematics of his Ukrainian identity regarding the culture in the Post-Soviet phase to the ‘indi-economy’ related to the ‘non artistic’ practical creativity like crafts and design.

For more information about Vorotniov’s recent project please go to

For more information about the artist please go to



Summer Program

June 15, 2013 posted in exhibitions, projects, residency

Between July and August, invited by us artists Małgorzata Goliszewska (PL) and Vova Vorotniov (UA), come each for a period of one month to work and live in the space. This residency project aims at creating new inquiries for the relations occurring between emerging Eastern European artistic practices, the Rotterdam (Dutch) art scene and its public.

Read more about projects by Vova Vorotniov and Małgorzata Goliszewska

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Paula Salas: Brought by the Rivers / documentation

September 20, 2012 posted in documentation, functional objects and materials, money, projects, research, residency

(Read more about Paula Salas’ project here)


Brought by the Rivers became an experience one of a kind; same for the artist who had the chance to be the first resident working and living at Upominki, as for the people living and working in the buildings around the space itself. Salas not only deliverd an amazing visual work with a temporal character, but especially, she managed to create an atmosphere, which will remain in our memories for a long time.


Brought by the Rivers was kindly supported by the University of Amsterdam and Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, Het Lectoraat Art & Public Space (LAPS).





In exchange, artist Joaquín Cociña (husband of Salas who also lived at Upominki for one month), shot a video for us that we will be presenting during our project at Kunstvlaai Festival of Independents | INexactly THIS (23.11- 02.12.2012)


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