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Event with Andrew Varano and Jessica Sligter

May 16, 2013 posted in collaboration, events, projects, research

Thursday 23 of May at 19.00h

Entrance fee: €3

How do we turn our gestures into practice that we can track in this grand structure, which we call the economy?

As actors of the ever-expanding performative structure of the economy, artists and arts workers are obligated to examine the value of their person, their work, and their networks. Within the framework of ARTIST4ARTIST – The Economic Performance, over the course of two evenings Upominki, together with the invited contributors and the audience, will peel back the layers and networks of the economy and try to scrutinize the artist and arts worker.

To research this question the first event addresses the operationalisation and umbilical connection to the virtual landscape with contributions by Andrew Varano (AUS) and Jessica Sligter (NL).

Through ‘Computationally Impractical to Reverse’ Andrew Varano will facilitate a speculative discussion – delivered over Skype – of virtual currency, performative economies, and life in the year 2140. Whereas, Jessica Sligter’s workshop hosted in a form of a group exercise in working with materiality, and accompanied by an informal conversation, will become a practical exploration of the intangibleness of virtual connections, and its devices, itself.

Andrew Varano (AUS) lives and works in Perth, Western Australia as an artist and curator. He works with sculptural assemblies, textual works, and video as a way of thinking through systems and conflating disparate ideas. As such, he is also interested in the ways in which we generate and both understand and misunderstand meaning. In 2009, Varano completed Fondazione Antonio Ratti CSAV program with visiting professor Walid Raad.

Jessica Sligter (NL) is a recording-artist based in Amsterdam. Having released amongst others two solo-cds and touring regularly in Europe, Jessica currently studies at the Master Artistic Research in The Hague, where she explores the periphery of this practice. Her interests lie in relational practices, the compository act of conceptualization and its social consequences, which she explores through various mediums including art-performance and semi-composed social gatherings.

About the project: 
ARTIST4ARTIST – The economic performance (2 April – 30 June 2013) is a collaborative project between Upominki, Artist4Artist platform and Jesse van Oosten, made possible with the kind support of Gemeente Rotterdam. For more info about the project please go to A4A. The public program is developed in collaboration with Eloise Sweetman.

The educational program Brave girls sing! Walk taller, speak louder is made possible with the kind support of Het Rotterdamse Vrouwenfonds

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