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ARTIST4ARTIST – The economic performance

April 15, 2013 posted in collaboration, events, labour, money, projects, research, subsidy

02 April – 30 June 2013 ARTIST4ARTIST – The economic performance. A collaborative project between Upominki and ARTIST4ARTIST platform.

2 May at 19.00h launch of ARTIST4ARTIST platform by Yuli Minguel

Despite the current economical struggles and in defiance of an omnipresent lack of trust in the financial economy, Upominki takes the challenge to enter into collaboration with a novel business initiative – ARTIST4ARTIST. Through this project, Upominki aims to explore the possibilities (and the impossibilities) of cultural entrepreneurship and profit-driven thinking. 

Between 2nd of April and 30th of June, Upominki’s corner space is turned into the office of ARTIST4ARTIST – a platform and a company, established by and for artists. Initiated by Rotterdam based singer Yuli Minguel (NL, 1978), ARTIST4ARTIST is a fresh concept of a cultural enterprise that is not purely based on speculation and the dependence between demand and supply. Instead, ARTIST4ARTIST is focused on people’s relying-ness and the mutual trust being offered within it. Moreover, the implied reciprocal approach of the platform is, on the one hand meant to bring each creative individual further in his/her achievements and on the other to enable the community to grow strong, while operating independently from an intermediary.

Over the last 2 years Yuli Minguel has been developing her concept of the ARTIST4ARTIST platform, which will now have its pilot at Upominki. From the 2nd of April A4A will be structurally at work as a team of artists working for artists’ community, firstly for singers and musicians, then ideally for artists from other disciplines.
ARTIST4ARTIST operates on the level of exchange of one’s network and the dissemination of open calls among these networks. Within this practice, the shared aim of the artists to become financially independent from agents and managers, manifests itself through a transparent and pragmatic solution.
In this pilot phase, from all the money earned by the artists the percentage of 12.5% will be forward to the other artist who booked the assignment, of which 12.5% will be then given to Upominki. During the working period at Upominki, Minguel will be researching the costs of facilitating the A4A platform in order to serve artists and their potential clients in the future.

In business-terms, the notion of economic performance refers to the way in which the success and the market strength of a certain company are both being measured. Here the economic growth and capital appreciation are the degree according to which such performance can be recognized as achieved (or not).

Through ARTIST4ARTIST – The economic performance project, Upominki points out to the idea of an economic performance in its broadest sense. By bringing together both notions of formal and informal economy, the project wishes to illuminate these aspects of the economic performance, which usually are being put aside. Hence, the aesthetic or the affective processes that play a role in the realm of economy and have an influence on the act of exchange.

Yet, does our collaboration have the potential to create a node for these informal and formal economies to meet? And otherwise, where does such take its place?

During the ARTIST4ARTIST – The economic performance project, three public events will be organized in Upominki’s adjacent space. In each of the gatherings, together with invited artists and academics, we will be exploring further the ideas of cultural entrepreneurship and economical thinking within the cultural field.

In the frame of this project, an educational program – Brave girls sing! Walk taller, speak louder – consisting of free-of-charge singing workshops for girls and women from Delfshaven district, will be conducted by Your Soul Academy. Next to that, ARTIST4ARTIST office will be open daily for walk-in coaching conversations, between Minguel and female neighbors, about achieving personal goals and the practical execution of one’s future plans.


23.05.2013 at 19.00h with  Andrew Varano (AUS) and Jessica Sligter (NL)

13.06.2013 at 19.00h with Eliska Zakova (CZ) and Rebecca Stephany (DE)

30.06.2013 at 14.00h Closing Event 

ARTIST4ARTIST – The economic performance is developed in collaboration with Jesse van Oosten and ARTIST4ARTIST platform. The public program is developed in collaboration with Eloise Sweetman.

ARTIST4ARTIST – The economic performance is made possible with the kind support of Gemeente Rotterdam. The educational program Brave girls sing! Walk taller, speak louder is supported by Het Rotterdamse Vrouwenfonds.