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Take a breath… The best must come / exhibition documentation

February 28, 2013 posted in documentation, functional objects and materials, projects

Marijke Appelman Closing the Gap, video and sound installation, 2012.

Installation view

Marijke Appelman, Because it is about Time, framed fabric and baklava, 2012.

Based on the time spent in (and between) Istanbul, Turkey and Amsterdam, The Netherlands these two works reflect on the continuum flux of time, space and patterns. Here Appelman works with materials found in both places whereas through the presented video – material from the time spend in the airplane – she formes a certian distorted reflection in the end. Yet reduced, mirrored and combined into an installation, Closing the Gap and Because it is about Time are showing not only a curve in time, as a continuum, but also speak of fading in patterns and blurring the structure of our cultures.

Domenico Billari The best must come, toothpick with a laser engraved text.

Within the framework of this exhibition on the 6th of February 2013, a performance by Domenico Billari took place during the opening of the Rotterdam Art Fair.

For “Take a breath… The best must come” (also the title of Billari’s performance) ten actors were asked to wear a perfume he produced, and walk casually among the art fair public. With this act he aimed to bring a new dimension to the venue, such as, spreading a rumour and putting the focus on ordinary visitors.

Billari’s concept involves both the originated and the familiar tone. The peculiar ingredients of the fragrance, Bergamotto and Ginestra, both come from Calabria, Italy. Through this gesture – interfering a closed system of an art fair – his intention became a happening that is outside of its regular place, the exhibition space of Upominki.

With special thanks to: Anna, Cristina, Eric, Guiseppe, Malou, Marie-Sarah, Martijn, Mirjam, Jesse, Paco, Weronika and Wilfried Lentz.

H.K. Rannversson BOOKS TO BE LOOKED AT, ART TO BE READ / Installation view

H.K. Rannversson BOOKS TO BE LOOKED AT, ART TO BE READ / Installation details

BOOKS TO BE LOOKED AT, ART TO BE READ a project by H.K. Rannversson examines the contradictions of exhibiting books as works of art, through a display of multiple copies of the artist’s book CIRCLES by Kristján Guðmundsson (b. 1941, Iceland). The book, considered a work of art, was published in conjunction with the artist’s exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum in late 1973 in an edition of 500 copies. However, the book is also considered a museum catalogue, listed number 550 in the directory of the museum. Thus, CIRCLES is perceived as one of the earliest Dutch examples of a catalogue that also serves as an autonomous work of art.

BOOKS TO BE LOOKED AT, ART TO BE READ raises questions about the publication, dissemination and (re)presentation of books within the artworld, whereby pointing towards the function of the book as a medium for artistic practice. The project displays copies of CIRCLES from H.K. Rannversson’s own collection, which he has collected in recent years, as well as from private collectors.

In reciprocity act all three artists decided to leave materials they use to install, or to produce, their work for this exhibition. In addition Upominki received: two wooden plates aprox. 2x2m, a DVD/ Beamer cabel, a stamp with Upomiki web address, and a box full of A0 white foam plates.




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