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Emotional Channel ~~ Goes Solo

December 13, 2021 posted in collaboration, events, functional objects and materials, labour

by Angelica Falkeling and Anna Łuczak

Thursday, December 16th at 15:00 – 20:00h

In December Emotional Channel is going to Upominki. Emotional Channel Goes Solo is the 4th presentation of the duo. The two artists first got to know each other during a turbulent exhibition trip in 2018. A background to this story was recently shared in their performance Temporal Comfort. After nearly four years together, they decided to focus on their own individual craftsmanships through affirmations and repair. Upominki means gifts. Emotional Channel goes solo share and offers services.

Most people have a difficult relationship with New Year’s resolutions, including Anna herself. Working together with women at different stages of their life, Anna has collected affirmations for the New Year. With the help of Weronika Zielińska and her daughter, Lilly Klein, they are sharing their messages on hand casted porcelain plates made by Anna.

The tradition of collecting porcelain “souvenir plates” was first reserved for monarchs and royalty, but since the XIX century it has spread in homes on a large scale to commemorate important moments of collective life. During Emotional Channel goes solo project you can email your affirmation to for your own custom made 2022 affirmation plate, or come by to Upominki and Thanks to Weronika, Lilly, Natalia, and Eva

Anna is a visual artist and works across various mediums. She is interested in the sociological, relational and symbolic meaning of objects made in clay.

Angelica launches Nail it – garment mending and communal repairs. Angelica repairs your clothes and home textiles; change zippers, buttons, fix holes. Do you have any garments that need adjustment or repair? Hand them in at Upominki, Sint-Mariastraat 132B, 3014SR Rotterdam, together with your name and number via this form, and I get in touch. Large items can be dropped in the box outside, smaller ones through the pigeon hole.

Angelica Falkeling works as a visual artist, seamstress, and costume designer. They used to facilitate sewing circles at Tender Center Rotterdam among other things. During the project at Upominki they will conduct clothing repairs and display their handmade clothes and accessories, which can be purchased via, where the temporal comfort continues as a series of size fluid skirts.
Any questions; +31616967544 or e-mail:
Thanks to ZhiZhong Keene for visual identity

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