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fading films/fading frames : a transition

January 31, 2014 posted in exhibitions

Mathieu Gargam (FR), Noé Grenier (FR) and Sophie Valero (FR)

8 February – 2 March 2014

OPENING: Friday 7 February 2014 at 19.00h

fading films/fading frames : a transition brings together three young Brussels-based artists whose works explore the relationships of interdependence and transfer between different media formats. In particular, the project navigates the chemical and the electrical currents exchanged between digital and analogue media, and questions how format and context of use, might bring added layers of meaning to an object. Yet the ‘re-descriptions’ and format couplings we present here are far from nostalgic. Thus their aim is to challenge the viewers, asking them to rethink the way they have been educated to think about images and their bonds with different media formats. This is especially relevant in the era of the Internet with its social networks and search engines, an age in which our contacts with technology and media are profoundly being disrupted.

From the ground floor to the basement of Upominki, Mathieu Gargam, Noé Grenier and Sophie Valero present a collection of videos, photographs and sculptural installations. fading films/fading frames : a transition offers a path between past and future images. Today, filmographic mediums no longer depend on chemical or magnetic reactions, but consist of encoded language and data flow. It is inevitable that these changes have repercussions on the image itself and on the way images are being spread and archived. For instance, the digital format has raised a lot of questions regarding medium-term and long-term durability. Although this system has brought about a huge democratization of production tools, its development has been rash at times and the obsolescence it entails is in need of a thorough interrogation.

Starting in the late 1990’s, analogue technologies have been on the decline, while electronic and computing technologies have gained an important role in our everyday lives. The development of the Internet, search engines and social networks; of a new constellation of sources and links, has started to alter our archives and thus the way we relate to the past. New ways to pass on our memories, to be an author, a reader or a witness, are springing into life.  Yet, we still need to explore the full impact these changes will have on our modes of thinking. fading films/fading frames : a transition creates new paths for reflection, new mutations of our neural connections. It is important to connect to these networks, as they imply much more than a simple collections of images. They express a new navigational and organizational system of our knowledge, thoughts and views.


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Sanne Kabalt: Wolf hunt haunted / documentation

January 6, 2014 posted in documentation, exhibitions, premiere

Dissimilitude. Slideshow containing 3 slide projectors, 67 black and white slides mounted between glass, 85 cm x 105 cm each. Duration approximately 4 minutes. (Loop.). 2011.

Loom. Video projection with sound. Music composed by Frank Wol & Jannick Oeben. Duration approximately 2 minutes. (Loop.) Dimensions variable. 2012.

Loom. Detail.

Wolf hunt haunted. Video installation including two beamers, two screens, sound and electronics. Sound composed by Frank Wol & Jannick Oeben. Video duration 8 minutes. (Loop.) Sound continuous. 2013.


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