October 5, 2018

Beyond the Moon ~ Ger C. Bout / second part

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Beyond the Moon, Ger C. Bout, detail, Unseen Amsterdam, 2018

Beyond the Moon ~
Ger C. Bout

13.10 – 11.11.2018

Locations: Upominki, Sint-Mariastraat 132B and 136B

OPENING: 13 October 2018 19h

Beyond the Moon exhibition at Upominki, taking place between October 13th and November 11th, presents a collection of works by deceased artist Ger C. Bout. It is the second part of a project inaugurated past September during CO-OP at Unseen Amsterdam. Conveying the same title as the central piece, this exhibition is an experiment on the exhibition making itself, as well as on the exhibition formats that may channel the artist’s interests and work. It is a result of a collective effort, which brings along the collaborative spirits between Upominki, Ger’s wife Riitta and Ger’s legacy. While showing a selection of the artist’s archive that studies the multiple meanings of a house – within his material and collaborative projects and the Beyond The Moon series for example – we are physically and figuratively constructing a platform that carries and frames Bout’s practice. And thus his endless interest around ideas of hosting, housing and making together.

Beyond the Moon at Upominki is being realised within the framework of the on-going Window dressing project. Yet, especially for this occasion, Upominki inhabits the ground floor in the house of our neighbours that will serve as a platform, through which different moments for engagement with the artists’ archive will be made possible. Through simple adjustments these two spaces will be serving as sites for exhibition, workshop or a discursive event, depending on the situation.

Upon this endeavour we wish to explore the ways in which the individual artistic vision challenges that of the curator, and how they can merge or diffuse. We are interested in expanding the notions of collaboration and the manner in which the artist’s legacy can be transmitted outside of the sterile or the neutral. As we find ourselves most essentially motivated by the relationships we built throughout our creative processes. This project is a tribute to Ger C. Bout’s work and our friendship.

Upcoming events during the exhibition:

  • Wednesday 7th November at 12:45 – 14:45

Maak je eigen droomhuis in collaboration with the Nieuwe Gaffel, hosted by Rottterdam based artist and architect Gill Baldwin. Workshop for children between 6-12 years from the Oude Westen primary schools, inspired by the artist’s fascination in dysfunctionality of architecture, curved lines and asymmetry.

  • Exact date TBA soon

En wat nu?! A get-together of different individuals and neighbourhood initiatives, actively involved in the on-going discussion on gentrification and social housing situation in the Oude Westen area.

For more information see also here. For the most up to date information on our events follow our fb page.

This project is kindly supported by CBK Rotterdam, Gemeente Rotterdam.

With special thanks to Riitta Bout-Saari and Samer Abdelnour.





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