Upominki means gifts. Proverbially and in the figure of speech, Upominki functions as a gift shop. While basing its practice on the ideas of hospitality and reciprocity, Upominki wants to create an alternative to the value of exchange and the gift-giving idea, two concepts particularly developed through the capitalistic economy.  Upominki does not scream by means of its presence, but subtly points to the things that really matter. Through simple gestures Upominki wishes to stimulate people’s awareness for new possibilities and encourage them towards a daily activity of both making and seeing art, it also aims at always creating new situations through which art and life can connect.

Upominki is a non-profit project space, initiated in January 2012, by Rotterdam based artist Weronika Zielinska-Klein and is being run in collaboration with other artists and curators ever since.
Past collaborations include: Gill Baldwin, multi-disciplinary artist; Natalia Sorzano, visual and performance artist; Jesse van Oosten, curator.

The 2020 Upominki’s winter and early spring programme is being realised together with artist-in-residence emilia dudziec.