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Vova Vorotniov: Watching in my schoes / documentation

July 29, 2013 posted in documentation, exhibitions, functional objects and materials, residency


As a thank you gift for Upominki Vova donated self designed t-shirts which can be now purchased through our gift shop



Vova Vorotniov: Watching in my schoes

July 10, 2013 posted in events, projects, residency

image courtesy of the artist

13 July – 30 August 2013

Opening: 13th July at 16.00h

Residing in July Vova Vorotniov, will examine the spontaneous (an)architectural interventions into the public space of Rotterdam and juxtapose them with the situation in his home city (Kiev, Ukraine). Therefore to reveal, apparently, different ways of organizing the public space, the impact of the state control and its violations by the particular communities and people.

Taking as a starting point his recent project ‘Hood Guide’; a series of documentation of ‘anarchitectural’ objects found in the area of Kiev, which shows how the gaps and the lack of urban organization are facing low initiatives from the city dwellers in order to adopt the space to their own needs. Vorotniov plans to focus on the errors that are happening in the fully controlled urban city planning of Rotterdam.

Vova Vorotniov is a Ukrainian born artist with a so-called graffiti background and has recently been shortlisted for the PinchukArtCentre Prize 2013. He studied philosophy and the humanities towards the end of the 90’s but then had decided to take a downshift from the scholar world to street activities as an alternative playground for creativity, which he found more fitting. Currently Vorotniov is working on different topics ranging from local problematics of his Ukrainian identity regarding the culture in the Post-Soviet phase to the ‘indi-economy’ related to the ‘non artistic’ practical creativity like crafts and design.

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Summer Program

June 15, 2013 posted in exhibitions, projects, residency

Between July and August, invited by us artists Małgorzata Goliszewska (PL) and Vova Vorotniov (UA), come each for a period of one month to work and live in the space. This residency project aims at creating new inquiries for the relations occurring between emerging Eastern European artistic practices, the Rotterdam (Dutch) art scene and its public.

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