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Seed to seed 🍀Gill Baldwin with Upominki and others

March 28, 2019 posted in collaboration, projects, research, residency, subsidy

Seed to seed 🍀 Gill Baldwin with Upominki and others
6 April – 30 June 2019

Opening: 5 April 2019 at 19h

Looking at collaborative action as a means to create space, Upominki asks what happens if the creation of a garden is public? Can a collective experience form a spatial quality?

Over the next few months Upominki will host artist and curator Gill Baldwin, embarking on a series of research around the act of gardening, community and collective action. On Friday April 5th the project kicks off with an exhibition of the artists Minji Choi and Seokyung Kim’s work titled Manifesto for Living Beings, a typographic poster series depicting recommendations by the Ethics Committee on Non Human Biotechnology (ENCH).

Taking a closer look at the urban green spaces in the neighbourhood, we have created a reading bench, displaying a series of DIY local publications made by the creators of the spaces within Oude Westen. This includes a DIY publication made by artist Marie-Sarah Simon. Klimaten, a story of five different gardens and vogels zingen midden in de stad, telling the history of the Wijkpark and the Wijktuin. Both generously provided by Wilma Kruger from Werkgroep Wijktuin and Aktiegroep Het Oude Westen. Special thanks to volunteers for Amelie Unger, Magdalena Wierzbicka and Salvador Miranda, for maintenance and care of the garden. Our participant group is always expanding, including ongoing collaborations with performance artist Sophie Schmidt and many more to come.

Admission to the space is requested in the donation of a package of seeds, a plant, soil or even a deceased plant. We don’t mind! Together using the gardening tools provided we invite you to collectively plant your donation, contributing to Upominki first ever indoor window garden.

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Window dressing ~ inauguration

December 29, 2016 posted in functional objects and materials, projects

etalage winter

#0.1 in collaboration with Marie-Sarah Simon

Dear collegues and friends of Upominki,

In many Polish homes an empty place is being set at the Christmas table in case a person down on luck should show up and ask for shelter. And while this rarely happens nowadays, the tradition nevertheless requires that lone strangers be taken in and treated as family…

Through this concise message I would like to extend warm Christmas Blessings to all of you who sympathize and follow my work.

There are so many things to say and so little words. Therefore my strong wish is to just leave 2016 and look forward to another year ahead!
Moreover, let’s stay together and work things out, for better days!

To wrap up with something to look up to…

What you can see on the image above is a temporary installation in the new space of Upominki on Sint-Mariastraat 132B in Rotterdam. It was made in collaboration with a great friend and artist Marie-Sarah Simon especially for this winter season. The installation (let’s just give it a name – #0.1) begins a new project that will be unfolding in the upcoming months, more information about it will follow soon.

With best wishes full of love and hope for the New Year to come.

Weronika Zielinska-Klein


Window dressing is an ongoing project since 2017 that gradually unfolds in the frontal window of Upominki. The project takes a form of smooth gestures that come and go, while being carried out by various invited artists. As the months go by, Upominki’s window becomes an on-site dialogue where the individual and the collective identity meet. Window dressing is made possible with the joint effort of beloved family and friends.


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My first solo with… / documentation

May 31, 2012 posted in documentation, functional objects and materials, labour, projects, research

Anna Luczak, doorbell / made possible with the kind support of Ton Kelder

Anne Fé de Boer, performance speech

Dico Kruijsse, rostrum and moneybox

Ghislain Amar, steps twice / made possible with the kind support of Ton Kelder

Marc Klein, lightbox (above) and table

Marie-Sarah Simon, garden/ing

Mathijs van Geest, mugs

Riet Wijnen, puzzle

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My first solo with… Anna Luczak Anne Fé de Boer Dico Kruijsse Ghislain Amar Marc Klein Marie-Sarah Simon Mathijs van Geest Riet Wijnen

May 27, 2012 posted in collaboration, events

How many times a space needs to be open to finally receive an attention from a satisfying number of audiences?

Can we say that each opening is different than the other, thus functions in a unlike way? Or can we pretend of every time making something “new” and so avoid the responsibility for any previous failures?

Presentation: 17th May 2012 at 18.00h

Attached image illustrates the gifts’ exchange system called Kula, described by anthropologist Bronislaw Malinowski (1884-1942).

see exhibition documentation






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God save the Queen

May 1, 2012 posted in money

On Queens Day during our spontaneous action with Beter Later Binnen Markt we earned €93.

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April 19, 2012 posted in money




Happy Day of Birth

March 19, 2012 posted in events

Please download event’s survey here and send it back to


Marie-Sarah – flyers’ dissemination, Russian Charlotte cake, photo documentation

Ania – design flyer

Sandy – help with baking cakes

Ben+Stefan – The Desert Ducks performance

Koert – video documentation

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Infinite Wood Sanding

February 15, 2012 posted in labour

1.02.2012 Marie-Sarah 6h, Weronika 6h

2.02.2012 Marie Sarah 8h, Marc 8h, Weronika 8h

3.02.2012 Marc 3h, Weronika 8h

5.02.2012 Marc 3h

6.02.2012 Marc 3h, Weronika 8h

7.02.2012 Marc 3h, Weronika 7h

9.02.2012 Marc 8h, Weronika 8h

10.02.2012 Marie-Sarah 5h, Weronika 5h

16.02.2012 Marie-Sarah 8h, Dico 8h, Weronika 8h

17.02.2012 Marie-Sarah 8h, Dico 8h, Weronika 8h

22.02.2012 Sandy 4h, Weronika 5h

26.02.2012 Rosa 5h, Weronika 5h

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Cleaning and Filling Holes

January 27, 2012 posted in labour

24.01.2012 Dico 3h, Weronika 4h

25.01.2012 Marie-Sarah 3h, Weronika 6h

26.01.2012 Marc 3h

27.01.2012 Marie-Sarah 6h, Weronika 6h

28.01.2012 Marie-Sarah 6h, Weronika 7h

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…A Good Start

January 15, 2012 posted in discounts, functional objects and materials, subsidy

Woonbron – free rent

Kroonint – 200€ for paint

Kroonpart – 50€ for materials

de Wild – 50% discount for drainage system

Houtboetiek – 50% discount for wood

Kroonpart – coffee machine

Houtboetiek – countertop

Marie-Sarah – overhead projector

Marc – construction wood

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