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My first solo with… / documentation

May 31, 2012 posted in documentation, functional objects and materials, labour, projects, research

Anna Luczak, doorbell / made possible with the kind support of Ton Kelder

Anne Fé de Boer, performance speech

Dico Kruijsse, rostrum and moneybox

Ghislain Amar, steps twice / made possible with the kind support of Ton Kelder

Marc Klein, lightbox (above) and table

Marie-Sarah Simon, garden/ing

Mathijs van Geest, mugs

Riet Wijnen, puzzle

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My first solo with… Anna Luczak Anne Fé de Boer Dico Kruijsse Ghislain Amar Marc Klein Marie-Sarah Simon Mathijs van Geest Riet Wijnen

May 27, 2012 posted in collaboration, events

How many times a space needs to be open to finally receive an attention from a satisfying number of audiences?

Can we say that each opening is different than the other, thus functions in a unlike way? Or can we pretend of every time making something “new” and so avoid the responsibility for any previous failures?

Presentation: 17th May 2012 at 18.00h

Attached image illustrates the gifts’ exchange system called Kula, described by anthropologist Bronislaw Malinowski (1884-1942).

see exhibition documentation






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Finishing Touch

March 15, 2012 posted in labour, subsidy

Woonbron – free rent

6.03.2012 Dico, Mathijs 6h, Weronika 8h

8.03.2012 Marc 4h, Weronika 6h

10.03.2012 Marc 8h

11.03.2012 Marc 8h

12.03.2012 Marc 8h, Weronika 8h

13.03.2012 Marc 4h, Weronika 4h

14.03.2012 Marc 3h, Weronika 6h

15.03.2012 Marc 10h


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Infinite Wood Sanding

February 15, 2012 posted in labour

1.02.2012 Marie-Sarah 6h, Weronika 6h

2.02.2012 Marie Sarah 8h, Marc 8h, Weronika 8h

3.02.2012 Marc 3h, Weronika 8h

5.02.2012 Marc 3h

6.02.2012 Marc 3h, Weronika 8h

7.02.2012 Marc 3h, Weronika 7h

9.02.2012 Marc 8h, Weronika 8h

10.02.2012 Marie-Sarah 5h, Weronika 5h

16.02.2012 Marie-Sarah 8h, Dico 8h, Weronika 8h

17.02.2012 Marie-Sarah 8h, Dico 8h, Weronika 8h

22.02.2012 Sandy 4h, Weronika 5h

26.02.2012 Rosa 5h, Weronika 5h

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Cleaning and Filling Holes

January 27, 2012 posted in labour

24.01.2012 Dico 3h, Weronika 4h

25.01.2012 Marie-Sarah 3h, Weronika 6h

26.01.2012 Marc 3h

27.01.2012 Marie-Sarah 6h, Weronika 6h

28.01.2012 Marie-Sarah 6h, Weronika 7h

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