Dimer Schaefer & John Tillema // http://www.tweetonig.nl/home/
Tweetonig’s masterplan is easy: Only fun things to do, for the rest of their lives. Only 1 problem, they enjoy doing too many things. John and Dimer are ridiculous energetic and together multidisciplinary by default. As engineers they have technical skills, but aren’t scared to do some ‘outside the box thinking’.

Patrícia Sousa & Susana Pedrosa // http://obliqueint.nl/
OBLIQUE INTERNATIONAL is an initiative operating within the public sphere. OBLIQUE INTERNATIONAL has no permanent office, gallery nor museum shop, but we do have a folding desk, two chairs, a cactus plant and a savings pig.

Aster Tesfai // M’n Schoonmoeder Café
A woman entrepreneur, owner of a neighbouring with Upominki M’n Schoonmoeder Café. During her Conversa Aster will guide us through an inspiring story – her life journey from Eritrea, where she was born, to Rotterdam, The Netherlands where she is now based since more than 30 years.

Weronika Zielinska //  http://weronikazielinska.tumblr.com/ www.upominki.nl
Is a Polish artist, living and working in Rotterdam. Two years ago she opened Upominki (the space where we meet for Conversas). During her 30 minutes she will talk about the excitements and challenges, but also the obstacles, of running a non-profit project space nowadays.

Mafalda Casais // the-symbolic-value-of-happiness-in-products
Is a 29 year old Portuguese, who studied illustration, graphic design, and product design. Currently she is a PhD candidate at TU Delft (Delft Institute of Positive Design), and her work focuses on the role of (the symbolic meaning of) objects in fostering happiness.

María José de Villafranca
Is a Mexican MSc student of Life Science and Technology at TU Delft. She is also specializing in sustainable development as part of her stuFarola Dumont (Birthsupport with a Doula)

Farola Dumont // www.farola.nl
Is a mother of three lovely children. She runs her own practice as arts therapist (coaching and parental support), prenatal yoga instructor and doula. She’s very passionate about birth, supporting mothers-to-be and young mothers to feel, confident and empowered by their new role in life.

Catarina da Silva
Grew up in Portugal where she studied Graphic Design. She has a special fascination for connecting people and designing experiences. Four years ago, she moved to Rotterdam where she ended up working in a kitchen and found her fascination for food. Since she started her Master in Graphic Design at the AKV St. Joost in Breda she’s working on combining her two interests – Food and Information.

Rianne Groen // www.riannegroen.com
Is a gallerist with a background in art history, curating and aesthetics. After her studies, she started her own commercial gallery in Rotterdam. She likes to investigate the boundaries of the commercial art world and tries to experiment with the classical model of the gallery.

Doris Denekamp // www.dorisdenekamp.nl
Is a Rotterdam based artist and co-founder of the collective informal strategies. In reaction to a request to design a non-urban garden, she started wondering about the bees. Is it true that the revery alone will do, if bees are few?

Sander Lorier // www.studiolorier.com
Studied Industrial Design and in 2011 he started an independent design studio. First off it was a ceramic collection which sells now worldwide through the Internet webshops. Lorier is now trying to expand his business and is looking for ways to outsource some parts of the production.

Constança Saraiva 
Is a visual artist from Lisbon living and working in Rotterdam. She studied sculpture but by the end of her studies dropped the tools and started working with people. Nowadays she is very interested in art practices that involve communities, and in questioning how can art have its part in a social context.

Annika Pannitto // www.annikapannitto.com
Started her own work as a choreographer in 2007. Since then, she has been creating stage pieces and site specific performances that have been hosted in several venues across Europe. Annika is currently based in Rotterdam where she works as choreographer, researcher and educator.

Deirdre M. Donoghue // http://deirdremdonoghue.org
Is a performance and visual artist, writer and researcher with a background in photography, theatre and directing. Since 2013, she has been working in collaboration with Witte de With Centre for Contemporary Art in Rotterdam to develop her research on the maternal as an attitude towards our being-in-the-world and as a new relation towards language.

VladButucariu & Irina Schapiro // www.openset.nl
Are two graphic designers who initiated in 2012 Open Set, a two weeks series of workshops towards international young designers. The event aimed to be a platform to learn, share, experiment, debate about new shifts and cross disciplinary practices of contemporary design.

Olivia Lamont & Roos Muis 
Through a belief in creating projects that connect and bring people together, Olivia and Roos created a series of interactive artistic exchanges within the International Community Arts Festival based on sharing, connectivity and kindness. Tonight they hope to weave you into their story.

Johan van Sprundel // www.sprikk.comwww.thesuddenstudio.com
Is a thirty-something architect and project manager. He founded ‘SPRIKK office for architecture’ and runs ‘The Sudden Studio’ in Amsterdam. He will be wearing only one shoe during his Conversa since he sprained his ankle trying to scale a slackline on King’s day. Fortunately he can still drink beer.

James Nash // www.jamesnashlovesyou.com
Is a British comics artist and illustrator currently based in Amsterdam. His style and ideas derive from a long running personal diary comic project in which he explores the subjective nature of comics science.

Jeroen van den Ban & Ike Breed // www.maisondetre.nl
Connect three unknown people with awesome ideas and one year later there is a concept: Maison d’être. By organising fundraising parties for local charities Maison d’être connects the energy of the weekend with the routine of the weekday.

Eckard Dumont 
How he got to be a manager at a greenhouse nobody knows, but he is, and he’s working hard to grow as many cucumbers as one possibly can. The main question on his mind what does the future have in store for a new life in a difficult branch with issues, which rarely have any common ground with his past.

Irene Renart 
Even though very few people listen to classical music or go to concerts nowadays, Irene is convinced that music is a universal language, and that it can speak to anyone…Irene is a spanish classical pianist. Her studies brought her to Rotterdam. Her target will be to make everyone fall in love with classical music.

Leroy Cook // www.leroykok.nl
Is a Rotterdam based Graphic Design student at the Willem de Kooning Academy who does not call himself a 100% Graphic Designer. He is an multidisciplinary designer that does like to research all kind of different areas. Besides his studies / internship he likes photography, illustration and collecting weird stuff.

Mlung Nkala & Wanda Meews
While traveling in the Philippines Mlung and Wanda started giving bread instead of cash it beggars. Because we do not travel as much as before we could not continue our little mission. When a friend told me she was going to Marrakech I saw a chance to continue from a distance. “A loaf a day” was born.

Alex Bishop
Works in cultural heritage and interns at the Prince Claus Fund. He wants to talk about the work he has done at the fund and also have a conversa about the conflict between development and heritage preservation – can we really give priority to our built heritage?

Sofia Mourato // www.doyoumeanarchitecture.com, www.arquiteturasfilmfestival.com
Was born in Lisbon. She is founder and director of the platforms DYMA – Do You Mean Architecture since 2012.
Currently she lives between Amsterdam and Lisbon, where last year she started DYMA’s first and long term project, the Arquiteturas Film Festival.

Eline Bijleveld
Is an industrial designer. In recent years she tried Everything That seemed adventurous. Designed and C2C product, started and quit a design office and lived in France. Now she is back and lectures at the university design. She noticed that being there inspires her more than all the stuff she tried before.

Gert Rietveld
Is an artist from planet Earth. His works mostly deals with his position in space, both physical and imaginary. Besides this, he works half the week writing code. He wants to talk about Maintaining a balance.

Micaela Damásio // www.micastricas.com
Is a Netherlands-based, Portuguese designer Micaela (Micastricas) handcrafts products for kids inspired by her own childhood.
T-shirts with pockets and dolls living in tree-houses are some of the things you will see.

Dali Naas
Was born in Tunis and he is the cofounder of WTF Rotterdam. He frequented the French School of Sana’a in Yemen then moved back to Tunis where finish high school in the International School of Tunis. Then after graduating in the Faculty of Architecture in Lisbon, he moved to Rotterdam to start WTF with friends.

Manuel Llano
Is a product designer from Bogotá getting inspired in Europe after working in vulnerable communities with design processes. He will bring thoughts on community engaged projects, reserach and design strategies for developing the local.