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ARTIST4ARTIST – The economic performance / selection of images

June 30, 2013 posted in documentation, labour, money, projects, subsidy

ARTIST4ARTIST temporary office at Upominki

workshop Brave girls sing! Walk taller, speak louder  

brainstorm with Creasies – network of Rotterdam women entrepreneurs

workshop with Jessica Sligter, recording-artist based in Amsterdam

ARTIST4ARTIST – The economic performance was a project between Upominki and ARTIST4ARTIST. Our collaboration was based on the agreement of 12.5%; from each money earned by A4A 12,5% fee (for use of the office and other facilities) was paid to Upominki. Respectively, Upominki paid 12,5% to A4A from the subsidy they recived to realise the entire project. Last but not least, thank to our collaboration and according to A4A working method, during the summer we were able to fundraise two working periods for artist-in-residence.

ARTIST4ARTIST – The economic performance was made possible with the kind support of Gemeente Rotterdam. For more info about the project please go here. The educational program Brave girls sing! Walk taller, speak louder was made possible with the kind support of Het Rotterdamse Vrouwenfonds.

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Closing Event: ARTIST4ARTIST – The economic performance

June 25, 2013 posted in collaboration, events, projects

Sunday 30th June from 14.00 till 18.00

After three months of vigorous and intensive research taking place through daily office meetings, events with our peer guests and public, as well as through, hosting different moments of coming-together between women-entrepreneurs, and girls with many dreams, ARTIST4ARTIST – The economic performance project at Upominki, is coming to an end.
Yet, before ARTIST4ARTIST platform will move out from its temporary office space to its new location, we would like to invite our friends, neighbours and public to join in this informal event and celebrate the opening of a new chapter for ARTIST4ARTIST platform and Yuli Minguel.

On Sunday 30th June from 14.00 till 18.00 we will be hosting a block party accompanied by local musicians and food. Please join us on a lazy Sunday afternoon to listen how the participants of the Brave Girls Sing! Walk taller. Speak louder workshop are jamming with Yuli, and to taste food from other cultures, or bring your own and leave it on the shared table.

Ps. If only the weather will allow us, we will light up a fire on our barbecue. Just make sure to bring something that suits on top of it ☺

To learn more about this project please go to ARTIST4ARTIST

ARTIST4ARTIST – The economic performance is made possible with the kind support of Gemeente Rotterdam.

The educational program Brave girls sing! Walk taller, speak louder is supported by Het Rotterdamse Vrouwenfonds.


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