January 10, 2013

The Force Of Freedom: TELEWAR / documention

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Telewar, 2012 edition of 25

The publication, next to the spatial presentation, is a collection of thoughts, found footage, Internet published articles, and different privite materials gathered in the web that, speak about “drone technologies and contemporary conflict, which manifests itself as much on the ground as it does in the media” (Telewar, introduction). The zine was put together within the three weeks of The Force of Freedeom working period. The artists do not consider it as a definite outcome from out of their research, but more as a step towards further investigation, which is meant to start a dialogue and create a certain awareness. The publication is still available to purchase for €10. Please contact us if you are interested.

After the project was realized 10 publications will donated to Upominki.

To read more about the project, go to Telewar

(all pictures courtesy of the artists)




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